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Given the commitment of our highly enthusiastic, intelligent and motivated members in our New York chapter, it was only natural that UNA-NY should realize another opportunity to engage the altruistic aspirations of its local community — by hosting what has become yet another popular program in its many varied offerings: the BookTalkUNA discussion series.

This bright complement to our film-talk presentations features books and their authors whose work is in-depth, politically and ethically engaged, far-sighted and often controversial. We host writers and thinkers who illuminate many complex social and political realities that challenge assumptions, while offering inspiration, ideas and understanding which can create possibilities for a better world. Their valuable presentations complement the far-reaching work of the United Nations and its vital goals.

BookTalkUNA also offers attendees an ideal opportunity to engage with our hosted authors in lively and inspired dialogues while renewing their motivation and commitment to the important work shared by all members of our unique New York chapter. They can also enjoy networking and socializing opportunities at receptions held before and after the presentations. As seating is limited, and because of this special opportunity for dialogue with our guests, we strongly encourage reservations for these events.

Our inaugural event opened the series in the fall of 2010, in the Kaufman Center at the Institute of International Education in New York, who is our co-host for BookTalkUNA. The book featured was Strength in What Remains by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Tracy Kidder. Our special guest was Deogratias (Deo) Niyizonkiza, founder of Village Health Works in Burundi and whose personal journey is the subject of Mr. Kidder's book.

Among the highlights of the past few years from the series, there is Eliza Griswold's The Tenth Parallel, in which the award-winning investigative journalist and poet spent seven years traveling between the equator and the tenth parallel, exploring the complexity of religious conflicts; and The Unquiet American, which is both a tribute to an exceptional public servant, Ricahrd Holbrooke, and a backstage history of the last half-century of American foreign policy. We invited Dr. Roger Lipsey to renew our appreciation of the second UN Secretary General with his inspiring tribute to Dag Hammarskj÷ld in his comprehensive biography, Hammarskj÷ld: A Life. We also hosted a very special appearance by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, human rights activist and author, Dr. Shirin Ebadi who discussed The Golden Cage, her attempt to shed light on Iran's current events, its recent history and its divisive political ideologies through the story of three brothers. More recently, we welcomed Dr. Alejandro Toledo, the former preseident of Peru, who outlined the current renaissance underway throughout Latin America and shared his vision for its future in his book, The Shared Society.


Learn more about our BookTalkUNA presentations

Strength in What Remains
The Tenth Parallel
How the West was Lost
The Golden Cage
Getting Better
The Unraveling
The Fear
An Unquiet American
Rock the Casbah
In the Shadow of the Banyan
Shahnameh : Epic of the Persian Kings
Escape from Camp 14
However Long the Night
Hammarskj÷ld: A Life
A Fort of Nine Towers
The Second Arab Awakening
The Underground Girls of Kabul
The Shared Society
The United Nations in the 21st Century
The Morning They Came For Us
Eleanor Roosevelt: The War Years and After, 1939-1962
A Question of Order
Notes on a Foreign Country
A Worldly Affair
The Internationalists


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